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60 Minutes' Mike Wallace , known for his tough interviewing style, drew a sharp rebute from Boris Yeltsin - thanks to a translator's error . The confusion arose when Wallace asked Yeltsin if he had a " thin skin " when it came to public criticism, but the translation had Wallace describing Yeltsin as a " thick-skinned hippopotamus ." Yeltsin was not amused. "An experienced journalist like yourself," Yeltsin said, "should express himself in a more civilized fashion. But this may be the translator's fault, and if so, he is the hippopotamus!"
Thanks to KKWolf Orange    New! 2006-02-16 During its 1994 launch campaign, the telecom company Orange had to change its ads in Northern Ireland. " The future's bright … the future's Orange. " That campaign is an advertising legend. However, in the North the term Orange suggests the Orange Order . The implied message that the future is bright, the future is Protestant, loyalist... didn't sit well with the Catholic Irish population.
Thanks to Janet O'Sullivan GPT    New! 2006-02-18 In 1988, the General Electric Company (GEC) and Plessey combined to create a new telecommunications giant. A brand name was desired that evoked technology and innovation. The winning proposal was GPT for GEC-Plessey Telecommunications . A not very innovative name and not suggestive of technology and a total disaster for European branding. GPT is pronounced in French as “ J’ai pété ” or “ I've farted ”.
Thanks to Jem Shaw! Life Fitness     New! 2006-01-24 Life Fitness is a maker of exercise equipment, bikes, ski machines etc. Their logo made me laugh. I was walking around the exercise room to stretch my legs after some strenuous biking when I first noticed it. At first I thought it said “ 4F ”. Now, for those of you that don't know, the American military, when there was a draft, had a rating for recruits. If you were “1A”, you were healthy and fit for duty. “ 4F ” is the code for those that are physically unfit and unacceptable to the army. So “4F” was a rather inappropriate logo for a health fitness machine. It took me about a minute to realize it wasn't “4F”, but “LF” the initials for LifeFitness . Waterpik     2004-12-24 Waterpik uses another name in Denmark. "Pik" is the common Danish word for male genitals. Most Danes can easily translate "water" to the danish word "vand". And " vandpik " is a term for the morning erection.
"And you put that thing in your mouth?!?!"
Thanks to Jørgen Lykkebo! PepsiCo India     2004-10-06 I was visiting Bangalore, India when the local news (for example, rediff india ) was widely reporting the legal consequences of a marketing mistake by Pepsi. Pepsi is being sued in a Hyderabad, India city court in a public interest litigation for glorifying child labor in a television ad. In the ad, the Indian cricket team is in a celebratory huddle when a young boy serves them Pepsi. Binney & Smith Crayola    2004-11-06 Crayola has changed color names over time due to the civil rights movement and other social pressures. In 1962, Binney & Smith replaced flesh with peach , in recognition of the wide variety of skin tones. More recently, in 1999, they changed indian red to chestnut . The color was not named after Native Americans, it was actually named for a special pigment that came from India. But school children often assumed the incorrect origin of the name. There are many sites listing the history of Crayola colors, including Crayola's own history page . Financial Asia Times    2004-05-13 Nick Lord writes a story for Finance Asia: "Rudi Pecker taking the head job and top slot at Misys" . Do you think Nick or the editors at Finance Asia might have had an idea about the double entendre? If the article link goes away, you can read about Mr. Pecker's rise up, here .
Thanks to Carlos Silva! Panasonic     2004-05-13 According to the EE Times , October 8, 1996 (and numerous web sites), Matsushita Electric was promoting a Japanese PC for internet users. It came with a Japanese Web browser courtesy of Panasonic . Panasonic had licensed the cartoon character "Woody Woodpecker" as the "Internet guide."

The day before a huge marketing campaign was to begin, Panasonic stopped the product launch. The reason: the ads featured the slogan " Touch Woody - The Internet Pecker. " An American at the internal product launch explained to the stunned and embarrassed Japanese what " touch woody " and " pecker " meant in American slang.
Thanks to A. Vine for pointing me at this! Port Wallhamn    2004-05-08 Port Wallhamn is a Swedish port . The companies that surround it used to give their employees ties with the logo "W" and an anchor. The combination forms a very nice rebus for Wanker , much to the chagrin of the British workers who had to wear it.
Thanks to Hendrik Demol!
If someone has a tie and could send me a photo of it, that would be much appreciated! Gerber    2004-05-08 Gerber , the name of the famous baby food maker, is also the French word for vomiting . It becomes a bit limiting when you go global... Gerber is therefore not in France, and although Gerber has a French Canadian web page , it says " Les aliments pour bébés Gerber ne sont disponibles pour l'instant qu'aux États-Unis " (French for: The baby food ain't here, try the .)
Thanks to Hendrik Demol! Bastard or Baathist?    2004-04-03 The newspaper The Australian had to apologize for changing a Senator's use of " Baathist " to " Bastard ". A story headlined ' Syria seeks our help to woo US ' in Saturday's Weekend Australian misquoted National Party senator Sandy Macdonald. The quote stated: "Syria is a country that has been a bastard state for nearly 40 years" but should have read "Syria is a country that has been a Baathist state for nearly 40 years." The Australian's editorial staff then drowned their sorrows at the local pub with several " Suffering Baathists ".

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Dating sites like moco

Dating sites like moco