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A 2009 UN commission of inquiry found that, under the regime of President Camara, members of the presidential guard, national gendarmerie, specialized police units, civilian militias, and police were responsible for "crimes against humanity" for actions taken against protesters on 28 September 2009 at the Conakry stadium (UN 18 Dec. 2009, para. 200). According to the commission's report, 156 people were killed or disappeared, and 109 cases of sexual violence and rape were confirmed, while "dozens" of people were tortured at military camps, including Camp Koundara [now named Makambo] (ibid., para. 70). The commission states that "demonstrators at the stadium came from all of the country's ethnic groups" and were fired upon "indiscriminately" (ibid., ). The commission states that it received "a large number of reports that aggressors were specifically targeting" Peul, but at the same time, other "victims" reported that aggressors stated they had to be "punished" for supporting Cellou Dalein Diallo [of the Union des forces démocratiques de Guinée, UFDG] (ibid.). The commission notes that the Dadis Camara junta believed that the UFDG represented the "greatest political threat" (ibid.). Similarly, Human Rights Watch reports that several detainees told them that "security forces holding them made reference to their ethnicity and perceived support for opposition candidates" (Human Rights Watch Dec. 2009, 84-85). According to one detainee interviewed by Human Rights Watch, the military said they were going to kill all the Peul (ibid., 85). The UN commission of inquiry found that "a certain group was targeted more than others," but could not confirm, however, "whether this discrimination was based on the victims' ethnicity ... or their political affiliation" (UN 18 Dec. 2009, para. 176).

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Agence rencontre monaco

Agence rencontre monaco